Shuttle Photographs

from Virtually Hawaii

island chain

Space Shuttle oblique photograph looking eastward along the island chain.

Oahu is the island towards the bottom of the image, with Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the Big Island also visible. The limb of the Earth is visible at the top of the image.


big island

Space Shuttle photograph of the Big Island of Hawaii. North is towards the top.

The Big Island measures 150 x 122 km in size, and is comprised of five volcanoes. Kohala volcano is at top left, Mauna Kea (where the astronomical telescopes are located) is at top center, Hualalai is at center left. Mauna Loa is the large volcano in the center of the image. Kilauea volcano, which has been in almost continuous eruption since 1983, is at center right. The town of Hilo is under the clouds at top right.